Berapa Harga Dalam Celana?

I don’t know wheter my English grows up or dies. So, this nite I read my English magazine. This is not new, but I don’t wanna get wrong and throw it to dust bin. I remember how hard I got this magazine when I was at high school in 2002. Hahaha. That’s such a long time I conducted English Club with Mr. Erich, Amilia, Ikrar, Nanik and so on. What I read this time? I got a funny page.

An Australian man visited a traditional market in Indonesia. He had just started learning Bahasa Indonesia, so he could’t speak very fluently. He wanted to buy some underwear so asked the shop-assistant in Indonesian, ‘Berapa harga dalam celana?’ (How much for underneath the pants?).

This guy thought that the Indonesian language had the same structure as English! Of course the shop-assistant laughed and the Australian man had to ask him for clarification. Now he understands about the structure of Indonesian!

I hope that guy never try walking around Dolly Street. He must have had been the victim of cruel chickens. Hehehe.

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