Learning English More Hardly (Again)

gambar buah apel merah

gambar buah apel merah

This is my first post in English for this blog. I force myself to remind my old capabilities in vocabularies, grammar, structure and of course speaking. This way is harder than the moment I attended my English class in LEC. Or, when I lead my group to handle some meeting in Excellent Club.

Wait, I don’t know what to say. Hahaha. Suddenly my mind goes blank, I’ve forgot almost all of my tenses. What is present tense, past tense, simple continuous tense, simple perfect and bla bla. And now I just write down allthing in my minds.

If Mr. Erich read this post, he must have punnished me for my naughty attitude because never write him again since I go to Surabaya. Not only no write, but also no call. Hah! I wanna fly there. Meet my classmate and make a parody again.

My last formal English activities is having online conference with Kangguru Online Member. That’s three months ago. So long actually. And it’s little hard starting again.

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